I was built for this moment.

My father is a Marine and my mother is a preschool teacher. I was raised with the family values that we are missing in our political arena. I was born in Auburn and grew up in this beautiful city. I was raised to respect authority and to always dream of a better future. After high school in Auburn, I started my higher education at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA. There I fell in love with studying politics and laws. I got my BA degree in Communication at Cal Poly Humboldt.

After college I dedicated myself to the community. I started working for a non-profit that helps build the community through grants and townhalls. We worked to pass sanctuary county ordinances so people felt safe to communicate with police officers. We worked with the Sherriff to pass these laws and were successful in our campaign to build a better community. My fathers passion to serve our country has been instilled in my heart and guides my future. I decided to move to Washington D.C and see how politics is really played.

While rubbing shoulders with people who worked for Mitch McConnell and myself working with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I found my passion for uplifting our rural community. I saw the voices of blue collar workers, farmers, and tradecrafts were not represented. In D.C if you have money you have a voice. The country my father fought for does not stand for money but stands for justice and dignity for all. So, I decided to move back home and uplift the community I was born and raised in: Auburn.

Now I am running for office to give blue collar workers representation in the highest offices in politics. I want to represent the single mom working two jobs to give her children a better future. The new family who wants to raise their children in Auburn but cant afford the housing market. I want to represent the Caltrans worker who is fixing our roads which are the lifeblood of our communities. The PCWA worker who is designing our community and literally building our future. Now I work in labor fighting for frontline workers to receive the quality of pay they deserve. I stand for Auburn.

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Auburn needs new voices to uplift our workers and uplift our community.

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